How MINDFUCK® changed my life

The success stories of those who have overcome their MINDFUCKS can motivate and give you courage.

"MINDFUCKS recognised, woman understood, marriage saved,” writes a reader from Shanghai.


The Method

In her first MINDFUCK book Petra Bock first described the MINDFUCK phenomenon, her name for systematic mental self-sabotage, and presented initial methodological initiatives for overcoming it. In her book "MINDFUCK. Coaching. How to overcome mental self-sabotage" she presents a three-step technique derived from various entirely re-interpreted approaches and her own, award-winning theory. In most cases applying this technique is sufficient to allow any person to recognise MINDFUCK and overcome it on their own. The focus of this is on increasing self-determining, balanced adults, which is what we are when we stop sabotaging ourselves.

The author, who works directly with people of all kinds of backgrounds every day, wished to develop an effective method of self-coaching that was not only easy to understand, but also practically applicable, and it has proved its effectiveness countless times. It helps with situational self-blockages, such as a fear of public speaking or examinations, as well as with chronic disruptions of the self, which lead to a life lead with the handbrake on – keeping us far below our true potential.


  • 10.10.2016
    The unique intensive Coaching Live 100%! begins with Dr. Petra Bock. Develop your personal masterplan for greater quality of life!

    MINDFUCK.Job is out...And with all the books offering advice on work you might well ask why this one is needed. MINDFUCK.Job is "trainer book of the year"!

  • 25.11.2014
    Dr. Petra Bock will speak about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Düsseldorf - Tickets are available here.

  • 20.10.2014
    Sign in for your journey to a MINDFUCK®-free life: living 100%. The intensive seminar with Dr. Petra Bock in October in Tuscany.

  • 02.10.2014
    Celebrate with Dr. Petra Bock! The official Book opening of MINDFUCK.Love on October 2 at 7:30PM in the Urania, Berlin - tickets are available here.

  • 01.10.2014
    Dr. Petra Bock speaks about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Frankfurt – tickets are available here.

  • 29.09.2014 
    FULLY BOOKED: Dr. Petra Bock speaks about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Hamburg. Right now you can find a MINDFUCK® coach near you – to the Coachfinder  

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