How MINDFUCK® changed my life

The success stories of those who have overcome their MINDFUCKS can motivate and give you courage.

"MINDFUCKS recognised, woman understood, marriage saved,” writes a reader from Shanghai.


The Theory

MINDFUCK® is the secret parallel world in our minds, with which we sabotage ourselves. There are 7 patterns of thought that stop us from reaching our full potential and realising the success and quality of life that we deserve. If we can recognise our mindfucks and free ourselves of them, we will finally experience who we really are and can release the secret handbrake with which we have been holding ourselves back.

Everyone disrupts themselves with specific destructive thoughts. These thoughts are not individual blocking dogmas or scripts, but a personal parallel world in our mind, which follows its own language and logic and systematically keeps us from developing our real potential. Petra Bock has discovered this parallel world in well over a thousand one-on-one coaching sessions with people of all ages and a great variety of vocational and personal backgrounds and described its scientific basis in great depth in her first MINDFUCK book “Overcoming the seven barriers of the mind”.

As opposed to past physiological approaches, Petra Bock does not limit her explanation to developmental psychology, but explains the phenomenon of this parallel mental world, which she calls MINDFUCK, as an out-dated pattern of thought learned from earlier generations. The point of this pattern of thought was to condition the self to manage in the authoritarian world of our ancestors, in which they limited their potential rather than developing it, so that they could work within rigid social structures. In today’s 21st Century world these thought patterns are nothing more than disruptive factors that stop us from learning, adapting and using our full creative potential to live a modern life with countless possibilities and an unparalleled quality of life.

In her second book "MINDFUCK. Coaching. How to overcome mental self-sabotage" she presents a reinterpreted simple and extremely effective three-step technique – for several methodological reasons – which anyone can use successfully in their self-coaching.


  • 10.10.2016
    The unique intensive Coaching Live 100%! begins with Dr. Petra Bock. Develop your personal masterplan for greater quality of life!

    MINDFUCK.Job is out...And with all the books offering advice on work you might well ask why this one is needed. MINDFUCK.Job is "trainer book of the year"!

  • 25.11.2014
    Dr. Petra Bock will speak about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Düsseldorf - Tickets are available here.

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    Sign in for your journey to a MINDFUCK®-free life: living 100%. The intensive seminar with Dr. Petra Bock in October in Tuscany.

  • 02.10.2014
    Celebrate with Dr. Petra Bock! The official Book opening of MINDFUCK.Love on October 2 at 7:30PM in the Urania, Berlin - tickets are available here.

  • 01.10.2014
    Dr. Petra Bock speaks about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Frankfurt – tickets are available here.

  • 29.09.2014 
    FULLY BOOKED: Dr. Petra Bock speaks about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Hamburg. Right now you can find a MINDFUCK® coach near you – to the Coachfinder  

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