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"MINDFUCKS recognised, woman understood, marriage saved,” writes a reader from Shanghai.




How to end mental blocks and realise your full professional potential (Knaur 2015)

Petra Bock turns her successful MINDFUCK® method to the urgent problem of work and shows us how to free ourselves from the spiral of negativity and find satisfaction in our professional life.
Take a look inside the book (GER)
MINDFUCK. Love – How we sabotage ourselves in love and what we can do about it (Knaur 2014)

”I always end up with the wrong partner...”, “My dream woman doesn’t exist anyway...”, “I’m better off alone ...” – nowhere in life do we waste so much potential as in love. Mental barriers are at fault whenever we block ourselves or others with discouraging thoughts. Petra Bock applies the MINDFUCK® method, which she developed to penetrate to the heart of these problems, to love and partnerships and shows us how to escape the negative spiral and reach our full potential in our love lives. After all, we set the limits of love ourselves. Take a look inside the book (GER)
MINDFUCK. The coaching – How to overcome mental self-sabotage (Knaur 2013)                  

In this practical handbook Dr. Petra Bock shares effective strategies to help you free yourself from old patterns of thought and achieve your full potential. A prize-winning approach to overcoming mental self-sabotage: the groundbreaking three-step-method for a MINDFUCK-free life. With a host of highly effective coaching units and exciting exercises. A book that will change your life. Also available as a Kindle eBook and as an audiobook, read by Dr. Petra Bock. Take a look inside the book (GER)
MINDFUCK - Overcoming the seven barriers of the mind (Knaur 2011)

In this book Dr. Petra Bock analyses the phenomenon of mental self-sabotage. She explain which patterns of thought lead to mental barriers, where they come from and how we can overcome them in order to achieve our full potential and improve our lives. “Entertaining, motivating and scientifically grounded.” (Der Tagesspiegel). Also available as a Kindle eBook (Kindle edition with audio/video) and as an audiobook, read by Dr. Petra Bock. Take a look inside the book (GER)

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  • Media: “EMOTION” Magazine – “Why you should celebrate who you are!”
    In the special edition “EMOTION.coach”, Dr. Petra Bock describes in an interview the title of which translates as “You can do it!” why good goals must reconcile your head and your gut and how you can overcome inner setbacks and reach your goals.

    >>Read (only in German)


  • “100 Questions” new edition
    It was out of stock for a long time but now the new edition of Petra Bock’s book the title of which translates as “100 Questions About Your Life: Recognize Your True Goals and Desires” will hit the shelves on February 1st, 2018. Let yourself be inspired by this valuable book with plenty of space for reflection and for you to jot down your own thoughts.


  • MINDFUCK hits the shelves in Japan!


    127 million more people can now benefit from Dr. Petra Bock’s international bestseller in their native tongue and they too can discover why we sabotage ourselves and what we can do about it.

  • 29.09.2014 
    FULLY BOOKED: Dr. Petra Bock speaks about MINDFUCK® in the lecture series on Emotion in Hamburg. Right now you can find a MINDFUCK® coach near you – to the Coachfinder  

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