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The success stories of those who have overcome their MINDFUCKS can motivate and give you courage.

"MINDFUCKS recognised, woman understood, marriage saved,” writes a reader from Shanghai.



Here you will find the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions about MINDFUCK®.

Why that name?

It isn’t a pretty word, but what we do to ourselves isn’t pretty either. Petra Bock caught it over 10 years ago when talking to a friend in England and realised that it describes exactly what she and her many coaching clients do to themselves when they block themselves. She consciously chose to use this informal English phrase in her German publications, because she wanted to introduce an element of levity in describing this phenomenon and avoid language that would suggest personal failure or even a condition of illness. MINDFUCK thinking is not a psychological illness, nor is it a character trait. It is simply a learned habit of thought that is no longer useful in our modern lives.
The concept "Mindfuck" is furthermore used in the film business to describe a moment when the character can no longer distinguish fiction from reality. Sometimes the word “mindfuck” might be used when we have watched a scary film and remain scared afterwards, e.g. when we can’t shake the feeling that the shadow on the curtain is really a burglar.


MINDFUCK is the phenomenon of people sabotaging themselves with destructive thoughts. Whenever we start belittling ourselves, paralysing ourselves with fear, deny our own interests and needs, criticising ourselves, mistrusting ourselves, feel that we are not good enough or need to continuously motivate ourselves and push ourselves, those are the times we are talking to ourselves in a MINDFUCK mode.

What is new about MINDFUCK?

Everybody knows that we block ourselves with negative thoughts. Beyond this psychology as a science has given rise to a variety of observations and theoretical approaches on this subject since its inception. Petra Bock has not just described this phenomenon through a set of unrelated, random doctrines or purely individual scripts, but rather as a parallel world in our thoughts with its own language and systematic logic. In her first MINDFUCK book she describes this self-contained parallel world through 7 patterns of thought that ensure, either individually or in cooperation, that people systematically limit their individual potential. She does not simply describe the phenomenon in terms of developmental psychology, but also from a socio-psychological and historical perspective. The worldview of self-conditioning that our present generation has inherited was necessary for people living in an authoritarian, hierarchical society. This means that MINDFUCK is not simply a dysfunctional result of individual crises in the psychological development during childhood and adulthood, but a form of social self-conditioning for a hierarchical society passed down from previous generations, in which everyone was required to find their place in a bipolar system of up-down, right-wrong, powerful-powerless etc. What we now call MINDFUCK was once a way for our ancestors to reflect the social order of their world within themselves and thus ensure their survival within that world. Luckily reality has overtaken the validity and function of these thought patterns. Today this form of self-conditioning is nothing more than a disruption that we can all do without. Just a MINDFUCK.

What is the result of MINDFUCK?

When we think in a MINDFUCK mode we limit ourselves. We think little of our chances, keep ourselves small, push ourselves too hard and do things that we would rather not do. MINDFUCK becomes a narrow filter of our perception and we fail to perceive our real personality and true potential, so that we end up living life far below our possibilities. Since MINDFUCK is always targeted at security and control, it closes our perception to the far more effective approach focussed on quality of life.

What happens when I have overcome it?

Most people experience this as a new quality of freedom, creativity and lightness. When we stop blocking ourselves, we regain access to our real personal potential. Our true strengths, our real needs and the life that we really want to have. Overcoming MINDFUCK means becoming stronger mentally and emotionally. This in turn leads to things that were once difficult suddenly becoming easy. Many speak of a “creative explosion” and a previously unknown clarity, decisiveness and self-determination.

Can anyone overcome MINDFUCK?

Yes. Everyone has experienced MINDFUCK and anyone can overcome MINDFUCK.

What type of MINDFUCK can I overcome?

Recognising and understanding MINDFUCK is an important first step, which is often sufficient to stop us from mentally sabotaging ourselves. Furthermore, Petra Bock introduced an easy three-step technique in her second book “MINDFUCK. The Coaching”, which you can practice with various exercises from the book and apply to your issues during self-coaching.
Sometimes it can be easier to work on issues that really go deep with a specially trained coach. Here you will find MINDFUCK® coaches, trained and licensed by Petra Bock herself, who will be well equipped to deal with this. You can even be coached by Petra Bock herself in one of her seminars, which she provides two to three times a year.


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  • MINDFUCK hits the shelves in Japan!


    127 million more people can now benefit from Dr. Petra Bock’s international bestseller in their native tongue and they too can discover why we sabotage ourselves and what we can do about it.

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